About Me

Hi, My name is Vijay Garg. I am currently working at Talentica as a Software Engineer in the Tala team. Previously worked at Oracle on ORMB.

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I like to spend time working on my blog. Apart from this, in my free time, I like to browse StackOverflow and try to answer questions. I also like to play football.

About the blog

I have always wanted to share my insights and experiences with the community, but I always held back fearing my expertise. I always thought I needed to learn more before giving it out to the community. Unfortunately, this feeling never ends. The quest for knowledge is endless. I hope to share what little I gain on this journey with fellow devs and contribute to the cumulative experience. I always try to make the articles as perfect as possible but there is always room for mistakes. Please do write an email if you find something off. Together we can contribute the stream of knowledge.